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RadioLondon consist of a series of sound sculptures that involve an archive of audio – portraits; that sculpture will be connected to a web platform that simulate a digital radio. In this way, RadioLondon connect physical places to a digital archive of documentary audio (and video) portraits of artists that moved recently between Southern and Eastern of Europe to Northern Europe and especially in cities as Rome, Barcelona, Marseille, Paris, London, Bruxelles, Berlin Copenaghen etc. I would like to connect artists from different disciplines (music, experimentation, visual art, contemporary dance, etc.) and of different origins. Artists born and raised in some places that share the space and their time with other artists from elsewhere.




Nice (FR)

Villa Arson

March 19 2016 Project RadioLondon is presented in preview at Villa Arson during the 1 Festival of Bricologique.





August 10 2016 Project RadioLondon is presented at Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich for Manifesta 11.

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RadioLondon will face new challenges during these very competitive times for art projects. It is thanks to the support of patrons and partners that we can develop new, outstanding and relevant exhibitions, while further broadening both our audience and education programs with a highly creative and comprehensive range of activities.


RadioLondon Title Program has been created to engage individual art appreciators with the monthly and all other RadioLondon sessions and programming events. It brings together a dynamic group of art enthusiasts who ensure the on-going vitality of RadioLondon and who share an interest in the latest developments in the contemporary art world. We look forward to sharing our passion for contemporary art with you and gratefully acknowledge your generous support.




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RadioLondon Ambassador : £ 8.500

By joining the RadioLondon Ambassador Program, you will enable RadioLondon to start offer both a rich, creative program and a meeting platform for passionate art lovers, while contributing to its national and international recognition. You can benefit from a comprehensive and varied program of lectures, private views, exclusive visits and tailored trips that bring you in touch with artists, collectors and key players in the international art scene.


RadioLondon Patrons : £1,500 and beyond

• Name recognition on the Patrons list in print and online

• Advanced invitations to open studios and special events

• Visits to the School and artists’ studios hosted by RadioLondon

• Invitation to an annual reception with the associate artists, curatorial team and Board


RadioLondon Supporters: £500 to £1,000

• Name recognition on the Supporters list in print and online

• Advanced invitations to open studios and special events

• Visits to the studio and artists hosted by Project RadioLondon


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